Watermelon “Recipe” : DIY Halloween Costume

watermelon3watermelon1 watermelon2 watermelon5I can’t even believe it’s almost Halloween… like really there is only 12 days until Halloween, & (wait for it)………… ONLY 67 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!

I love this time of the year… there is just something about it that makes you want to do a happy dance. Maybe it’s the cooler weather or the pumpkin lattès everyone is talking about… I’m not sure what it is that gets me, but there is just something special about fall.

With only 12 days until Halloween, I’m guessing there is still a handful of you who still have no idea what to be for that Halloween party over the weekend. Pinterest makes it hard to be something unique (something that no one has done or seen before)… can I get an amen?! I mean I love you pinterest, I really do, but let’s be honest… It’s a love hate relationship.

If you need a SUPER LAST MINUTE costume…  it’s your lucky day!

All you need to do is scrounge up $12(ish) dollars :

1. Find a pink dress (I got mine on the sale rack at my favorite boutique Lux Clothing)! Cost $10

2. Buy 1/2 of a yard of green tule (two colors optional) : cut in strips & tie on a headband. Cost $1 at Jo-Ann’s

3. Buy 1 piece of felt paper. Cut one seed, trace it, & cut 4 more (so you have 5 total), then tape to dress with double sided sticky tape. Cost $0.40 at Jo-Ann’s

P.S. Just because you are dressed like a freaking fruit doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on your favorite junk food & candy. you’re welcome.