10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. ?!!!!!!!!!!

I have a slight obsession with emoji’s & I love this little rocket because it’s already in take off mode… shooting for the moon & stars, with endless possibilities, & nothing is going to stop it’s forward motion.

We launched The Pastel Fox Shop a couple weeks ago & over the next couple months I am going to show you how you can:

  • brand your business
  • create cute cards & invites
  • make your Instagram stand out above the rest
  • add a little magic to your blog
  • make people want to see more
  • inspire your followers
  • radiate positivity
  • & SHINE as you use social media & blogging to build your business


Get these RAD stickers HERE or HERE & stay tuned as I share how-to videos, behind the scenes, cool tips & new ideas with you! P.S. You DO NOT need any special program to use these. Anyone & everyone can learn to use these in a couple minutes! Go HERE for step by step tutorials. Tag me so I can see your creations: #thepastelfoxdoodles @thepastelfox!


The greatest thing you can do in this life is inspire & encourage others with your life. So let me tell you… you are beYOUtiful, you are enough, you are worthy!!! Now it’s your turn to tell someone else they are pretty cool, to tell the world kindness is always stylish, & to remind your followers to shine bright. These overlays will instantly turn whatever you are doing into something others can’t help but be drawn into.InspireStickerExample


Miracles do happen and dreams do come true. Nothing is as sweet as a baby and sometimes the sweetest things are the hardest to express in words. These simple, yet adorable, overlays will add the sweetest touch to your photos… let them do the talking for you.

?girls just want to have fun

No boys allowed… whether you grab your BFF’s & stuff your face with fries, plan a good ol’ slumber party, or have wine & watch Netflix all by your selfie… Use these sticker overlays to spread the girl power!!!!AllTheSingleLadiesStickerExamples


Adventure awaits. If you love life & strive to live life to it’s fullest, constantly wanted to go & adventure & enjoy, then this is the perfect overlay pack for you. Embellish your photos with positivity & good vibes.AdventureStickerExamples 2


Lucky in love? Use these overlays to add a little magic to your wedding photos, save the dates, invitation, & announcements. Savor the journey & enjoy every minute. Let your soon to be soulmate know how you feel… scream it from the mountain tops!WeddingStickerExamples


Speak up for animals & give them a voice with this overlay pack. The coolest actions are the one you do, with the knowledge you will not get anything in return.. Whether you are vegan or not… love animals, stick up for them, & spread awareness by adding these to your pictures!VeganStickerExamples


One of the greatest adventures in this life is being crazy in love. Cover your photos with these overlays to remind your BAE how amazing they are. Make a poster for your room that makes you smile when you wake up every morning. Send a text with one of these overlays to brighten your soulmates day.LoveStickerExamples

?doodles & design

Doodles are the happening thing right now & here is your chance to rock your photos out with them. When you have these doodles you will automatically become that much cooler!!!! Your photos will reach another level, & your followers will wonder how you got them on your photos (whether you tell them or not, is entirely up to you)! Wouldn’t you love it if your Instagram feed looked like this?doodle-overlay-examples-800x800


Calling all bloggers, aka inspo queens, aka rad, cool, hard-working babes out there. Who doesn’t need a cute photo overlay to let their awesome followers know whats coming up… even if it is a donut break! These overlays are such a fun way to add a unique twist to your photos. P.S. I like the way you work it!!!BlogStickerExamples


These overlays will make anyone crave the beach, the sand, the salt water & the fresh air. Add a relaxed, chill, “too blessed to be stressed” vibe to your sun-kissed, summer, beach photos. Your followers will not be able to get enough of these & neither will you!BeachStickerExamples2



You all know me & you may think that I am the only person behind The Pastel Fox Blog, but that’s just not the case. I am creative & can design anything under the sun… but how the heck do you think these stickers got into downloadable, zip, alien coded, transferable files. Yeah, not by my expertise!

Dusty Winans, is the brains behind The Pastel Fox blog. He is super cool, super smart, his wife, Kimmy, is the absolute cutest & they have a house full of boys!!! Follow him & his sweet family on instagram @52in15ers (ps you will get some amazing date night ideas) & if you want to become a better photographer, check out his website!



I have been giving these to people like it’s the cure for cancer… ok ok maybe that’s a little far, but I can’t seem to make them fast enough. I’ve sent them in the mail, I’ve left them on peoples desks, & I’ve even given one to a complete stranger as I drove through a drive through. Maybe it’s because I have been in a slump… a little more grumpy than usual & feeling like I’ve been having more bad days than good. Anyone else ever feel like that?

Bad days, SUCK! & we all have them. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in our own lives, making sure everything runs smooth & we are happy & comfortable. BUT…. WHAT IF, we took the focus off our own lives, and looked at others? I really think, & truly believe, that our lives would be better if we stopped making such big deals about our own lives & problems.

I honestly don’t even know if you can call it a DIY because it’s that easy & the aftermath of giving them out is rad! It spreads JOY & HAPPINESS & MAGIC & GLITTER & ahhh I’m just so in love with the idea of spreading these suckers out like a freaking wild fire.


IMG_7394edit IMG_7395edit

Use the plate to catch all the glitter that falls (although, just giving you a fair warning… you will have glitter everywhere)!!!! Take the sheet of computer paper, fold it in half & sprinkle glitter inside. Use this to funnel the glitter inside the bigger half of the veggie capsule, then put the smaller half of the capsule on.


Put three capsules in a plastic bag. Make your gift tag & staple it onto the bag. However you word it is up to you….

“Glitter Pills / Directions: On bad days. Take (1) capsule & sprinkle in hair.”

IMG_7399edit IMG_7405edit IMG_7833edit

Let’s make it rain glitter!!!! + here is a song that will surely make you stop & appreciate this life. I have it on repeat. Buy it here:

A Life That’s Good (feat. Lennon & Maisy)


How To Make A Triangle Macramé Dreamcatcher

I am going to keep this blog post short & simple, because this is seriously the easiest thing EVER! This DIY will be perfect for those of you wanting to venture into the world of macramé, but have never done it because it seems too hard. Trust me when I say… IT’S EASY! When you get the knot down, the only thing you will need in order to do bigger projects is PATIENCE (& a lot of it)! Click here if you want a sneak peek of the macramé wall piece I am making for my wedding!!! I seriously LOVE it… but it’s taking for freaking ever.


1 2

Step 1

Arrange your branches into a triangle shape. Wrap the corners with string, until the branches stay in place. Finish off with a double knot. Do this to each corner (total of three times).

4 5

Step 2:

Cut four pieces of string & tie the doily to the branches.


Step 3:

Cut 6 pieces of clothesline (about four feet long). Watch video to see how to tie clothesline onto the bottom of the triangle & how to tie a macramé knot.

9 10 11 12 13 14


Here is a short video to inspire you & help you with any questions you might have!