Holiday Gift Guide For “Him”

Thinking of gifts for guys can be super tough sometimes…. & making a “MANLY” holiday gift guide can be a little rocky because all of the men in our life are probably really different. Your man will probably not like every single thing on this list, but if he doesn’t like vans maybe get him toms instead. If he doesn’t have a beard maybe get him a shaving kit, a manly candle or shampoo instead. Holiday Gift Guides are meant to spark inspiration.


  1. Wallet Ninja
  2. Golf Flask
  3. Photo Calendar 
  4. Ultra Thin Battery Power Card
  5. Krave Jerky (in store only & a perfect stocking stuffer)
  6. Belt with Wrench, Screw driver, & Flat head 
  7. Wild Man Beard Shampoo (they have tons of stuff for men without beards too)
  8. Classic Vans
  9. Spy Sunglasses
  10. Sevenly Shirt
  11. Go Pro
  12. “Shhh there’s beer in here” Coffee Mug
  13. Happy Socks
  14. Cards Against Humanity or Game of Phones Card Game
  15. Overnight Weekender Bag & Toiletry Kit
  16. Beer Growler
  17. Wood iPhone Dock (not pictured above)
  18. Earbud Leather Case (not pictured above)
  19. Urbeats Earbuds (not pictured above)


Have FUN shopping for the men in your life. Make it a Christmas to remember!



Holiday Gift Guides For “Her”

I have never found a perfect “gift guide” that really inspired me with new gift ideas… which is why I was inspired to write this blog post. I should’ve started working on this post a few months back & with less than 7 days until Christmas I think I may have missed the boat on this one. But here I am, none the less, making a holiday gift guide.

Every year my parents ask me for a list & usually I say something along the lines of… “I don’t need anything!” “I already have so much!” & while that is true… I don’t NEED a single thing. I have come to the conclusion that:

  • Christmas lists are just fun.
  • Even though most of us are blessed beyond measure, getting gifts is always the best.
  • Just because I put in on my list, doesn’t mean I am getting it (so why not have a little fun).
  • It makes it so much easier on the people buying gifts for me.
  • People are buying me gifts regardless, so why not inspire them with a list of things I am currently loving. They may not get me anything on my list, but they may get an idea that relates to something on it.

My personal Christmas list this year has pictures, links, & coupon codes!!!!!! I went all out with it! These gift guides are based on the list I made for myself… with a few extra things added in to complete them. So, girls, steal some of these ideas & share them with your loved ones. Guys, I hope this helps you brave the crowds this year to get your girls the sweetest, most thoughtful, gifts.



  1. Instax Camera
  2. Leather Purse
  3. On The Go Power Charger
  4. Journal
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Eye Pillow 
  7. Framed Map w/ Pins (not pictured above)
  8. Duffle Bag & Duffle Bag #2 (not pictured above)
  9. Ipad Case (not pictured above)
  10. Headphones (not pictured above)

 Fitness Lover


  1. Yoga Bag
  2. Pink Leggings
  3. Yoga Mat
  4. Pink Sports Bra
  5. Hydro Flask w/ Lid
  6. Workout Program
  7. Pandora Subscription (not pictured above)
  8. Gold Earphones (not pictured above)

New Home Owner


  1. Rad Recipe Book 
  2. Anthropologie Candle 
  3. Bookshelf Decor 
  4. Cookbook Stand 
  5. Pineapple Tray  
  6. Agate Coaster Set 
  7. “Let’s Stay Home” print 
  8. Pretzel Bottle Opener 
  9. Galaxy Tapestry 
  10. Essential Oil Kit (not pictured above)



  1. Gold Scissors
  2. Weekly Calendar
  3. Gold Stapler
  4. Watercolor Art
  5. Colorful Earbuds
  6. Gold Tape Dispenser 
  7. Agate Paperweight
  8. Cute Pens
  9. “I am very busy.” Paint Brush (or iPad) Case
  10. Pentel Brush & Ink
  11. Pack Of Digital Graphics (Photo Stickers)
  12. Peace & Quiet Candle
  13. DIY Wood Board & Watercolors

jesus freak


  1. She Reads Truth Library of Study Packs (or just pick one for a smaller gift)
  2. Pray Hustle Repeat Sweater 
  3. Alex & Ani “Sweet Jesus” Bangle
  4. Coffee Mug
  5. Art Print
  6. Love Does Book
  7. Cross Necklace

Ok, now go finish off your shopping so you can relax & enjoy this season before it is over! I hope you were inspired to make a list this year & I hope you leave here with new gift ideas to get the people on your shopping list this year!

(Side note: In the middle of all this running around holiday craziness… stop to remind yourself that you have everything you NEED (if you are reading this, you either have a phone or computer). We are all so blessed beyond measure, it’s not even funny! None of us need anything, so the gifts we get other people are nothing but sweet reminders that they are loved. You don’t have to do everything!!! Jesus is the reason we celebrate. Loving people is what matters. People matter.)


A DIY (Anthro Inspired) Cookbook Stand


How many girls do you know… I bet it’s more than you can count on all of your fingers & toes. Friends, moms, daughters, aunts, grandparents, granddaughters, sisters, sister in laws, mother in laws… the list goes on & on. When you start thinking of it, & the perfect gift to get each of them, it can be a bit overwhelming.

I am always in need of a thoughtful & fun gift, especially during the holidays, so I thought I would share one that I have made time & time again. Not only is it cheap, but everyone ends up loving it! My guess is most of these girls that you know, spend a good amount of time in the kitchen prepping meals, making dinner, & baking. This DIY project will look so cute in any style kitchen, & is inspired by Anthropologie’s Crossed Spoon Plate Stand.

All you need is:

  • E6000 Glue (click for Amazon Link or get at JoAnn’s/Michaels)
  • 2 Vintage Spoons or Forks (any local thrift/antique shops)
  • Easel Stand (click for Amazon Link)
  • Cool Cookbook (optional)


Step 1:

Cross your spoon & fork. Using your E6000 glue, put a drop of glue right in the middle of the x, & let sit for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2:

Using your E6000 glue, you want to put a drop of glue at the bottom of each of your utensils & attach to the stand (look at picture below). You may have to get creative on how you can apply pressure while the glue dries.

Step 3:

Add a super awesome cookbook & vuala! You are done.

Here are a couple of cool cookbooks:

You can also wrap up some cute salt and pepper shakers to complete your gift. I love to get gifts that are built around a theme. Share some of your favorite cookbooks below, & what you would pair with your cook book stand. I hope this helps cross a couple people’s gifts of your shopping list this year!!