About Me : Brooklyn Powell


Hey Fox Babes,

My name is Brooklyn.

I am 28 years old.

I have type 1 diabetes.

Everyday I feel lucky to be married to my husband. & we just found out I’M PREGNANT… with my first baby. IT’S A BOY & we are over the moon!!! I hope he grows up to be just like his dad!

We have 2 dogs… a giant Great Dane who we just rescued from a shelter & a 6 lb. Yorkie. I love all animals more than most, it’s hard for me to even kill bugs.

I love jesus & I’m always striving to be real about my struggles, share my faith, & live for him.

Currently learning how to be happy with a calm life. It’s hard not to feel like we have to be busy all the time to be successful or productive. I am teaching myself to work hard, but also give myself grace to do things JUST FOR FUN. Even if that means watching bad reality tv & taking a nap on the couch!

I think it’s fun saying bad words… although it might be getting a little out of hand & with a little one on the way, I need to start working on that. I don’t want my 1 year old saying “shit!”

I’m sensitive & emotional. I cry over little things, but after I let a couple tears roll off my cheeks I can usually dust myself off & get on with life. There is something to be said about not sweating the small stuff.

I think there is so much truth & wisdom to meditation & being still… something I am working on.

Designing is my job, but it’s also my hobby, & it’s a cool thing when those two things are combined.