It’s crazy that they just let us leave the hospital with our newborn, when (as new parents) we really had NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL WE WERE DOING. We left the hospital, a place where there were doctors and nurses who could jump in and take control if something were wrong, and we headed home feeling excited for this new adventure. We pulled into the drive way and talked about how we were going to introduce the dogs to the baby. We gave Dax a tour of his new home, and life as we knew it quickly began to change. That’s when I realized a new kind of fear had settled in.

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As a first time mom, I found myself worrying about every single little thing:

  • Is he breathing too hard?
  • Is he breathing too soft?
  • Is he breathing at all?
  • Is he hot?
  • Is he cold?
  • Why is he crying?
  • Why is his nose stuffy?
  • Did he get enough to eat?

Before we started using Owlet, whether Dax was taking a nap or had been put down for the night, we would constantly be checking on him to make sure he was breathing (like every other parent with a newborn). At this point, when any amount of sleep is cherished, having the Owlet baby monitor is like PURE GOLD. Nothing can compare to having peace of mind. If I wake up in the middle of the night, instead of holding my breath as I wait for his chest to rise and fall with air, I open my Owlet app and instantly see his heart rate and oxygen level. I am not anxious in the least bit, because I already know that everything is ok. If something had been wrong, the little owl on my phone would’ve alerted me. I feel a peace and calm wash over me as I fall back asleep watching the numbers blink back & forth at me.

Just a couple nights ago, we were worried Dax was having trouble breathing. We knew irregular breathing & snorting noises (just to name a few) were common things for newborns, but it seemed a little harder than normal for him to get a good breath. We quickly grabbed the Owlet sock and put it on him. Knowing his readings were normal, we were able to wait to take him to the doctors until the next morning. If we didn’t have it, I know without a doubt, we would’ve been up all night long, and possibly would’ve taken him to the emergency room. Paranoid parents, maybe… but these are our babies we are talking about!!! Peace of mind…. you can’t put a price tag on it.


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  • DON’T FREAK OUT at the first sign of an abnormal reading, aka Red Alert. Obviously, always check on your baby before anything else, but sometimes you can get a false reading (and there is no need to stress your heart out when you don’t need to). When I got my first Red Alert, I disconnected from the monitor & then reconnected to find normal readings. Come up with a plan ahead of time. Being prepared will help you remain calm, rather than stressed at the first sign of a Red Alert. If it is more than a false alarm, your plan will come in handy, & everyone in the house will be on the same page.
  • SET IT UP BEFORE YOUR BABY ARRIVES. The set up process is super easy, & knowing how to use it beforehand will make it so you can use it from day 1. Figure out a location for the base station, & get it charged & ready to go.
  • DISCONNECT during nighttime feedings. If you move too far from the base station, it will alert. So, unless you want to wake up your sleeping husband… disconnect! You can reconnect, at the click of a button, when you get your babe back down.

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“Raise the roof if you love Owlet!” -Dax

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  1. Michelle Reyes September 19, 2016

    I love this post , you really should think about writing a book ..seriously.


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