Welcome to my 39th week of pregnancy…. I am officially waddling everywhere, I can’t sneeze without peeing my pants, I have been cleaning & organizing like a mad woman, I wake up a million times in the middle of the night, braxton hicks are a real thing, I have sworn I was already having this baby at least 2 times, & I have tried everything to encourage this baby it is time to come out (acupuncture, teas, walking, bouncing on a ball, pumping, eating spicy foods) & nothing has worked. I believe that they come when they are good & ready, & sometimes it just happens to be after you get a pedicure or eat something spicy.


  • Drink Raspberry Leaf Tea : Helps strengthen the uterus & ease labor pains.
  • “Waste” Time : Plan days when you can do absolutely nothing important. Relax, nap, watch a movie… do whatever the heck you want before your new babe arrives.
  • Date Your Husband : Remind your husband how important he is to you & love on him as much as possible. Talk about what your dreams are for your baby.
  • Make an Appointment for Acupuncture :  Increases blood flow to the uterus & can even make labor/contractions more comfortable
  • Soak in the Miracle of it All : Get all of your ultrasounds together & look at them from the very first one to your most recent one.
  • Meditate : If you’ve never meditated before, look up videos on Youtube. This will help during labor as you practice focus, breathing, & reminding yourself that what you are feeling during childbirth is normal. Here is one that is a good starting place (Meditation for Childbirth & Labor)!
  • Take Pictures : Find a cute outfit & document that big belly of yours.
  • Take A Child Birth Class : If you haven’t already, & especially if you are planning on doing it natural, sign up for a childbirth class. Ask around, & get recommendations.


IMG_7627Dress : Free People 

This babe is coming any day now & the next blog post I write he will most likely be in my arms while I write it! Someone please pinch me. Life is about to change & our world is going to flip upside down… but in the most exciting way.


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